6 Methods for a Easy, Stress-Free Company Journey.



Are you planning a business trip? Perhaps you’re traveling across the country to present your product to a prospective manufacturer or meet with a supplier on a different continent. It is crucial to conduct a little preparation before your travels. This will make sure that your trip is organized, efficient, and, more important of all, enjoyable. One of the worst things you’d like to do is go on a business trip that gives only anxiety and stress.

As one of the founding members at Boutique Explorer (a company that arranges private luxury tours worldwide), I’ve learned the importance of planning to ensure a successful trip. To help you with planning your travels, here are a few of my tried-and-tested suggestions for a seamless and relaxed business trip

Less Time, More Structure

I suggest making short but highly efficient business excursions to maximize your time. For instance, I’ll usually travel to Mexico City for just two days or Tokyo for four days. I’ve found that when I have a shorter time, I can accomplish more in less energy.

To accomplish this, strategically arrange your schedules, like planning meetings at each meal (for instance, coffee or breakfast meeting, lunch meeting, and a dinner-time networking session). I’ve found that this can make meetings for business extremely effective, and you’ll want to leave the time to exercise, rest and catch up on your other tasks.


Book Comfortable Accommodations

If you’re a business owner, You are probably always looking at your business’s performance and could be tempted to reserve a hotel at a low cost since you won’t spend much time there. But the fact that you’re staying in uncomfortable accommodation could make your stay much less enjoyable and hinder you from getting the restful and rejuvenating sleep you require to be at the top of your game in preparation for the coming day’s professional tasks.

As a result, I’ve always felt it’s worth investing a little extra money to ensure that you are comfortable relaxing, whether it’s an accommodation in a hotel or Airbnb. It’s also an opportunity to recharge between meetings to get back to your accommodation. Naturally, the location is crucial as well to avoid the time and energy of shuffling between meetings.

Book Pleasant Flights

Yes, you can, and taking the plane between NYC in the direction of California that includes two stops could help you save some cash. What’s the purpose of taking on multiple visits and connections when you’ll waste time and become less refreshed for your business travels? While it’s expensive, make sure you choose nonstop flights. Making the most of your energy and time (and cutting down on the amount of travel time) is a good investment.

Organize a Thorough Itinerary

There’s a time and time to go with the flow when on business, but the business trip isn’t an exception. There’s no need to prepare the spreadsheet if that’s not your style, but at minimum, you should write down your plans for the day on the notes app on your phone or paper. Take a look at your day in segments. On certain days, it might be logical to plan your schedule down by the second, but on some days, you can organize fewer, more lengthy meetings.

Go through the day’s activities and think about your logistics. Do you require an automobile rental? Be sure to book one in advance. When traveling from one place to another, will traffic be a problem? Take a look at Google Maps at different times of the day and allow yourself some time buffer. If you’re planning meetings in restaurants or coffee shops, do not leave it to chance. Book reservations as soon as you can.


I’m a planner by birth and career, but when every second of my life is planned, it can make me feel like a prisoner. Therefore, I try to allow for unstructured periods (unwind, play and exercise, or relax). It’s not a holiday; however, some decompression keeps me sharp and focused during a hectic business journey.

Pack Travel Gear Wisely

Many items on the market will ensure that your travel experience is relaxing, relaxed, enjoyable, and stress-free. Here are a few essentials for travel that I always carry along on my business trips:

Noise-Canceling Earbuds

I’ve considered more giant noise-canceling earphones, but since they consume too much space, I’m a fan of my earbuds that are small and noise-canceling. There are cheaper alternatives with some noise cancellation features. Still, if you are a lover of the music you listen to or feel sensitive toward the noise, you should consider an earphone manufacturer specializing in hi-fi audio. The noise-canceling will perform better and make it more comfortable to relax, work, or even take in a movie on the plane.

Portable Charger

It’s an easy one! When you’re on the road for an event, it could be stressful when your smartphone or tablet’s battery is depleted or you do not have an outlet. Before your trip, you must be aware to ensure that the portable device you are using to charge is fully recharged. On most trips, one charge will provide several accounts for your smartphone. Find a phone that is as compact and light as possible since some models can be pretty heavy.

Toiletry Bag With Leak-Proof Toiletry Bottles

One of the last things you need is for a low-cost drugstore toiletry container to leak into your bag and spill all over your clothing. I would recommend buying the toiletry bottle explicitly set designed for outdoor activities or business travel. They’ll be sealed beautifully and stop even the tiniest leak!


Shirt Protector

If you’re traveling using a duffel bag or a moving suitcase, I suggest using a slim-sized shirt protector that keeps button-down shirts neatly folded in general and wrinkle-free. If you’re looking for wrinkle-free clothing, you might require ironing once you arrive at your destination; however, overall, it’s time-saving and can make packing easier.

Enjoy Yourself

Since I work in the travel industry, my business trips tend to be fun because I’m typically getting together with guides and local experts and visiting restaurants and hotels and explore cities to conduct research. Whatever sector you’re working in, I suggest taking breaks between meetings and other enjoyable activities to maximize your trip and ensure you stay at ease. For example, you can visit people you know, go out with friends when possible, spend on massages, go kayaking following your trade show, see an event on the streets in your area, or do something else to break away from the business. You will return more content!

To Wrap It All Up

It is vital to plan for an easy and relaxing business journey. To get the most out of your business trip, make sure you plan your trip with a shorter duration and more organization, book comfortable accommodations and pick flights you enjoy. Make sure you have an extensive itinerary and take the necessary travel equipment with you. Also, make sure to include some enjoyable activities so that you can relax! These tips will help you enjoy a peaceful, stress-free, and pleasant trip.


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