Tech giants are urged to support the Ukraine Schools app with laptops and tablets for children from refugee schools.



Entrepreneur and tech entrepreneur Brendan Morrissey has developed an online, free, virtual classroom that can help Ukrainian children who are about to enter Irish schools in Ireland.

The Kilkenny-based investor had previously created an application and network for children who have dyslexia and ADHD, which thousands of people worldwide utilise via its school’s app.

He’s now asking major tech companies to get on board and help drive forward the Ukraine School project, which has recently begun to register its first students.

“We don’t require funding,” said Morrissey. “We’re giving away the platforms at no cost to students, schools teachers, parents and teachers. We do need either hardware or corporate sponsors who provide the hardware.

“If Microsoft, Google, Samsung are following this laptops, tablets and smartphones can be very useful to load Ukraine School software onto and distribute them to parents and students. I’m hoping we can assist in our little way by educating ourselves.”

Ukraine School, which can be accessed through the no-cost eSchools application, and is accessible in over 50 languages so that children can study Ukrainian and change it to English or Irish to interact with their classmates and the school.

The students are assigned to their private classes on the network and their teachers. Teachers can then communicate project resources to students and assign homework or assignments. Students also have access to chat and class discussion features via the application.

“Language appears to be the main obstacle. In Ireland, children are enrolled in schools without English. Ukraine Schools mean that children can learn in their language.

“We aid them by managing their assignments, activities, calendar blogs, projects, as well as class discussion. It lets them connect with others Ukrainian students to begin building their own secure community,” said Morrissey.

“It’s great to observe Ukrainian users who are on the platform and using it every day.” He said. “It’s difficult to comprehend the changes that have occurred to them over the last couple of months.”


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