Top 10 Websites To Find A 3D Modelling Freelance Job In 2023



Manufacturing, product development and engineering consultancy All industries require expert 3D modelling services.

When you can’t have internal facilities for 3D Modelling, you can engage freelancers for the job.

In addition, the fact that you’re an expert in the field of 3D Modelling, finding the right clients is crucial.

This article focuses on the requirements for both types of professionals. It also provides an overview of websites that can help you outsource your freelance modelling tasks in 3D.

Beyond that, in the case of any development project, a crucial aspect is its visualization.

Therefore, creating an item that looks attractive without affecting its quality, performance, and functionality is essential.

In this case, 3D Modelling plays a confident function by allowing an accurate representation of the product through its realistic model view and rendering, displaying the item in its original form in various lighting and environmental conditions before manufacturing even comes into the picture.

However, 3D Modelling or rendering requires a great deal of understanding of various tools and ideas,tures, resources etc.

Additionally, these devices require high-end computing capabilities, such as powerful hardware/PC with graphics cards and high-performance processors.

There are many ways through which you can make a 3D model of your product:

  • You can create it yourself using various online 3D design tools such as Sketchup, Tinkercad, FreeCAD, SelfCAD, AutoCAD Web and many more.
  • You can also utilize industrial-grade parametric 3D design software such as Solidworks, Creo, NX, AutoCAD, Fusion 360 and many more.
  • There is also the option to employ several 3D designers on different platforms online that offer these 3D modelling services. You will also be able to be paid for your work.

We will focus on the final alternative and look at various reliable freelancing websites for hiring or looking for models in 3D. Let’s look at each one :

1: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s most popular professional network and is one of the most effective professional platforms for networking with experienced professionals and businesses.


It also assists people looking for jobs to find them. It also allows you to hire freelancers or Service providers through this platform after analyzing their expertise and knowledge with different 3-D modelling tools.

It is also a part of LinkedIn talent Insight, which helps users to make better hiring choices.

LinkedIn offers its e-learning platform, i.e. LinkedIn learning, through which you can study different tools and topics to help you with your Skills advancement with the help of certifications.

2: Freelancer

One of the most popular platforms to hire Freelancers for projects. It is all you have to do is advertise the 3D modelling Freelance position on their official site and then select the candidate by reviewing their portfolio, bids and the ratings they have left on the previous projects that were completed.

It is among the top websites for freelancers to work on and is the most trusted website, connecting more than 56 Million employers and freelancers worldwide.

Freelancers are employed by a variety of highly rated companies and agencies. They offer an array of skill areas.

3: Fiverr

Fiverr is among the most popular marketplaces for sellers and buyers for freelance work. Freelancers are known as sellers on this platform, while customers are called buyers.

Freelancers can list their services under GIG, starting with prices as low as $5.

Many trusted top brands, such as Facebook, Google, Netflix, etc . are using the platform to outsource their tasks.

The platform offers a commission of 20% cost for each project that is completed. It can take up to two weeks to transfer your funds from the bank account of your Fiverr wallet, based on the amount of money the seller has.

You can list several gigs of services you offer, and when someone is interested in hiring, you can contact them by message on this platform.

4: Upwork

Upwork is also the most effective platform for customers to employ talented experts and agencies to do their services and scale their businesses with high-quality and productive work.

It’s one of the most secure sites for hiring freelancers. Top companies and organizations trust them.

Upwork was previously called Elance-oDesk and is an American freelance platform.

Hire the best talent for 3D modelling jobs on Upwork.

The only disadvantage of this ServiceService is that the initial commission charge is approximately 20%. However, it is reduced when you earn more money. The percentage of commission gradually diminishes.

5: Guru

Another platform for hiring freelancers is Guru, a platform for professionals to collaborate and connect using the premise “Connect, collaborate, and get work done in a safe and flexible online environment.”

About 8 million freelancers work worldwide, with the confidence of 3 million clients and 98% client satisfaction.

  • For 3D Modelling, more than 38k freelancers are listed on the Guru site.
  • Employers will charge a 2.9 per cent processing fee on every statement you issue.
  • If you pay with an eCheck or wire transfer, you’ll receive an entire refund of the processing cost.

For freelancers, the cost of processing is 9% will be charged under the basic plan, with a limit of 10 bids in one month. However, with paid membership plans, you can receive up to 50 requests with a reduced processing fee of up to 5 per cent.

Guru has clients who could be fakes, which is among the disadvantages of this website.

6: Crowd CAD

The CAD Crowd website is fully designed to cater to 3D designers. You can get one of the qualified designers for your project. They offer an hourly basis.

An estimated 11,000 design entries and 25,000 designers, and more than $1M in Projects are available on CAD Crowd.

On this site, you will find a range of categories that deal with 3D Modelling and the design of products. Additionally, you can find 3D printing design services on the CAD Crowd website.

This is a great possibility to get different designs for your project via design competitions.

CADCrowd assures you that their model will precisely follow the information provided, or they’ll return the total amount within a month. It’s one of the most popular advantages for employers.

CAD Crowd evaluates each project’s specifications, and fees are based on the project’s complexity and talent requirements.

The hourly rate for design ranges between $50-$120 per hour, based on your industry knowledge.

Another benefit of this site is there’s no subscription fee. You can sign up and build the dashboard using your portfolio.

7: Truelancer

Truelancer offers freelancers to clients based on their work requirements in various areas in an easy way to work, come together without the hassle and efficient communication.

One million freelancers and 500 000+ projects are listed on Truelancer.

Truelancer has a project/service fee of 10%, with bid limits on projects worth 75 USD. The company also has a limit of 20 bids per month.

You can increase these values through membership plans. With Truelancer, you can receive your work within a week, which is among the most remarkable features that make it worthwhile compared to other freelancing sites.

The only drawback of the website is its management because many people post spam websites to make advertisements and find job opportunities.

8: People Per Hour

People Per Hour was founded to connect customers to professionals and freelancers to help them achieve their dream of working.

People Per Hour has 15 years of satisfying one million customers through their freelance community. There are around 2500 freelancers available through this website to provide the ability to model 3D.

Automated invoices and listings determined by geographical location, secure payments and freelancers approved for professional certification is the best aspect of this website.

A two-way communications dashboard for client service allows you to handle tasks and their progress.

But, there are many professionals to deal with. There is less stability in the job market, and there’s no guarantee of a constant quantity of work. It can fluctuate and be unpredictable.

It is a bit less competitive compared to other platforms and has high service charges of around 20 per cent.

9: CGTrader

CGTrader is among the best options for converting your images of products in 2D to 3D models that can be used in VR/AR. Here you can locate licensable 3D models in stock and custom models.

Here you will find 1 million 3D models, 4.95million 3D designers and more than 100 Fortune 500 clients, which gives an abundance of exposure.

CGTrader is a design-friendly online platform that lets you buy, sell and make professional 3-D graphics.

Another benefit of this website is that it’s an investment firm backed by top investors such as Intel Capital, practica capital, and Karma Venture Capital.

To freelance on CGTrader, first, you need to register an account and then upload samples of your work. To determine your level, you must sign into the Wildcat platform and upload your work or do the trial work.

This will help you in assessing the skills and strengths of designers. The platform can take 6% off every purchase, and designers can use it to assist their customers with inquiries.

10: Workhoppers

Workhoppers is an exciting and engaging website that provides freelancers to customers to help them identify the best person for the job with the same skills and availability.

It utilizes the AI matching algorithm, which lets you select only those candidates who match the specific skills you require. The platform offers subscription plans for services, giving you the advantage of reputable and well-known candidates for your job.

There isn’t any intermediary on Workhoppers, so the communication is direct to the applicant. You determine your pay and the conditions of your candidate based on your budget.

You have to join the ServiceService and pay the charges for using the ServiceService to initiate a dialogue with other members and take advantage of other features.

The site doesn’t check the details of freelancers’ accounts. It cannot guarantee any responsibility for the authenticity of the information, truthfulness, accuracy and validity of its users.


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