Topeka woman’s woodworking abilities are perfect for her business that does it all Board & Brush.



Jamie Clark has years of experience working with her father and husband.

She’s always felt at ease working with tools. Her father was able to confirm that.

“I recall him teaching me to operate a lathe when I was about 7 or 8 years old,” she stated. “He has always been very accommodating in letting me play in his presence.”

The team worked on projects such as wind chimes and tables for the end of the table.

Her husband and family are also woodworkers who enjoy even renovating homes and putting an addition to homes. This was the time when big guns started to appear.

Today, Clark assists others in becoming comfortable with the abilities she is so familiar with. Clark bought Board & Brush in August of the previous year.

“Oh my god, This is incredible.”

Board & Brush Creative Studio, in Suite 300 of the Burlingame Shopping Center, 3703 S.W. Burlingame Road, invites visitors to bring their snacks, which include beer and wine, to relax for a relaxing evening and let the creative juices going.

The company provides do-it-yourself events such as bridal showers, private events and bachelorette parties, corporate events, and fundraisers. Each participant pays a flat cost and gets everything they need for their project.

Clark says she is thrilled to watch people’s confidence grow when they complete wood plants and signs projects.

“‘Oh my god, this is awesome! I am in love! I’m coming back. I’m already thinking about the next item I’d like to make,’ clients tell them. “I’m all set to make a schedule,” Clark said.

It was a delightful first-time experience’

Bobbi Shin was a longtime customer. She hosted her first event in April of this year, 2 months after opening the restaurant.

“To mark my birthday we held an exclusive party and I was able to invite more than 30 of my best friends over,” she said. “It was an amazing first time to have all my relatives and close friends in one place.”

Since then, she has completed more than 30 projects. While she typically prefers more significant wall hangings, she’s also finished wooden storage boxes and planter boxes.

Her most loved projects include two Nutcrackers. They are more challenging to design.

“I forgot how difficult it was since I thought, “I like the nutcracker, so, I require another one in different shades,” Shinn said about her second Nutcracker. “Everyone laughed at me for going to Studio with a sketch printed, a photograph of the stencil, and I had labeled the colors.”

The group helped her find the right colors for their Christmas trees.

Shin has been employed for Board & Brush as an employee since January 1st,

“I could actually be in the studio helping others develop and not need to bring my work home,” she said. “I enjoy being at the studio. I enjoy seeing what people are doing.”

If you’re able to follow instructions, you can follow this.’

Deena Robinson, who has been an employee since the company was established in February 2019, teaches classes in the evenings and on weekends.

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“We enjoy music, and develop projects, and we make friends with new individuals,” she said.

The company has plenty of regulars, though visitors from other countries often visit. Robinson loves hearing people take pride in the work they do.

“I inform them that you can accomplish this if you follow the instructions,” she added, “‘And the hardest part is choosing paint shades.’ Most of the guests who have joined us affirm that they’ll be back.”

The majority of classes are offered in the evenings and on weekends. They are usually three hours long; however, a few smaller, make and take classes for families are available too. The prices are posted on the site, and participants must register in advance.

“Just about anything is available for anyone.’

The store’s owner says she loves that every project is unique and not identical.

“We could have our customers choose similar themes,” Clark said. “You create it to look how you would like it to appear.”

The projects could be a mix of colors, including wood distressing, stenciling techniques, contemporary or rustic farmhouse designs. The themes include seasons and family, home activities, sports holidays, travel, and holiday.

With hundreds of styles available, “Just about anything you could want for anyone,” Clark said.

They can even purchase merchandise designed by the team and make kits at home that they create on their own.

Shin says that she enjoys working for Board & Brush allows her passion for decorating the home to shine through and can be a great stress reliever.

“I just happen to be the money now,” she said

The brand releases new designs on the 1st of each month, with the most recent releases themed around spring.

The business hasn’t announced scheduled hours as of yet. Visitors can reserve their spot on the website.

Named the No. one brand for the DIY/Paint & Sip Studios category in 2024 in Entrepreneur magazine, Board & Brush boasts more than 250 branches across 43 states. The company also has a presence in Japan.


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