Which countries have the most recovered travel industry? Top ranking in the world: UAE.



The Emirates’ pre-pandemic tourism levels have been surpassed by 2024

In 2024, the UAE was named the most recuperated country in the travel industry.

Travelport released a global report that found the Emirates had surpassed pre-pandemic numbers and is now at 110 percent of its 2019 levels.

1. The UAE is the travel industry’s most recovered country. Photo: DTCM

The country’s rapid recovery was helped by a successful Covid-19 vaccination campaign and a full calendar of events.

The UAE hosted Expo 2020 Dubai recently, attracting many tourists from other countries. Tourists flock to the UAE for sun, beaches, and luxury hotels.

Pakistan is the fifth-most recovered destination based on bookings made up until March 2024, according to Travelport.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, the country’s response is also encouraging for travelers, with over 98.49% of the population is fully vaccinated.

2. The Dominican Republic is the second-most recovered country, while Punta Cana is the world’s most recovered city. Photo: Unsplash / Joshua Wilkinson

Dubai is the most popular destination for UAE residents when it comes to travel. According to Travelport, Dubai is home to the tallest building globally, the Museum of the Future, and the only seven-star hotel. It’s also the most-recovered spot in the Middle East.

It is just behind Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Jamaica, long-standing tourist hot spots.

3. Cancun, Mexico is the third-most recovered travel destination. EPA / Alonso Cupul

The Kingdom’s capital has seen an even more remarkable recovery, with tourism levels returning to 115% of pre-pandemic levels.

Travelport also found that Abu Dhabi’s capital is showing a strong recovery.

What cities have seen the most significant tourism recovery?

  1. Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) (13.6%)
  2. Montego Bay, Jamaica (132 percent)
  3. Cancun, Mexico (124 percent)
  4. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (115 percent)
  5. Dubai, UAE (114 percent)

    A skier at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort in Canada, the 15th most recovered destination. Photo: Garrett Grove

Dubai ranks first for business travel in the world, surpassing London

The UAE is a top destination for inbound travel from the UK, India, and Bangladesh. However, travelers regularly fly from Pakistan and Germany to visit the UAE.

People walk along the Dom Luis I Bridge in Porto, Portugal. Reuters

Globally, the travel sector has recovered more than 67% of its gross activity. Moreover, the industry saw a 14% growth rate in the first three months of 2024 as Covid-19 cases declined in many countries, and governments relaxed travel restrictions and reopened borders.

Travel volume is a part of the recovery index. Travelport ranks in the top 15 countries rehabilitated based on bookings up to March 2024. These destinations include places where people return to their homelands or travel for work.

Tangier’s street-side stalls are popular with tourists visiting Morocco. Getty Images

The Dominican Republic is behind the UAE, with Mexico coming in third.

Dubai’s business travel sector is also showing impressive growth. As a result, the initial concerns about global corporate travel not recovering because companies have adaptable to digital and virtual ways of working during the pandemic seem less severe now.

Hot air balloons glide over the historical Cappadocia region, located in Nevsehir province of Turkey. Getty Images

Dubai is now outpacing many international destinations. Nearly one-third (2024) of all bookings were for business travel. The emirate is now ahead of London in corporate travel. London was the first to do this in 2019.

Dubai is ranked first in the world for business travel, outpacing London which led the sector in 2019. Photo: DTCM

Dubai is a popular destination for business travelers. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia are the most popular destinations. Closely followed by the UK and Saudi Arabia, Dubai has nine other goals.


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