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A Glimpse At New Luxury Hotel Openings In Central Italy.



In the next few months, many travellers suffering from the pandemic will be making plans to visit Italy. Following a string of closings in the past two years, an influx of luxury hotels that are brand new have recently opened or will open in the near time.

Each of these hotels offers guests the opportunity to explore Italy’s rich culture and beautiful beauty. Since the country is famous for its outstanding food, these hotels are known to showcase the finest Italian cuisine.

Italy has been divided into twenty regions, each having distinct customs, cuisines and traditions. Five of the regions are geographically within the region classified as central Italy, namely Tuscany, Lazio, Marche, Abruzzo, Umbria and Molise.

Here’s a look at some of the thrilling. Highly-anticipated hotel openings coming up throughout central Italy:


The contemporary five-star wellness hotel is situated on the banks of the Tiber River and offers stunning views of the historical city of Rome. It is located near the designer shops of the special Prati neighbourhood. The guests in The First Musica can walk to The Spanish Steps and St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican.

The design team behind the architectural firm Studio Marincola reimagined a 1960s structure and infused it with contemporary design elements. The majority of the modern rooms and suites have ceiling-to-ceiling windows with beautiful river views. Though it’s a small hotel, the property offers a variety of dining options spread across three levels. Alto Bar is a rooftop restaurant with two stories, and Oliva is a restaurant that serves regional cuisine indoors and outside and with lovely views of Tiber.

The hotel will provide an array of immersive experiences, such as food-themed ones that feature cooking tours, food tours and fine dining, and family-friendly ones that are rich in culture and heritage.

It’s not too surprising it’s not surprising that Borgo San Vincenzo, a luxurious boutique hotel situated in a city that is home to the best Italian wines, was named after St. Vincent, the patron saint of winemaking.

The 21 suites and studios in this restored farmhouse from the 18th century provide a modern approach to the classic Tuscan style. Each is uniquely curated in light of the location and the architecture. All studios have queen-sized beds, seating areas, kitchenettes, Italian sheets, Nespresso coffee makers, Acqua dell-Elba toiletries, and free WiFi.


The country house offers a bar and restaurant that provides guests with customized genuine, wine-related training and experiences. The guest itineraries include tastings of wines, organic olive oil, pecorino cheese tastings on local farms, classes in cooking and cocktail making, excursions through the area on bike, horse, foot or Vespa, and well as Hot air balloon.

The luxury brand of global hospitality Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas launched its first property in Italy with The five-star Anantara Palazzo Naiadi Rome Hotel. An affiliate of The Leading Hotels of the World, The famous hotel is located in Rome’s Piazza Della Repubblica.

The hotel has an interesting architecture with original elements commissioned to Pope Clement XI for the Vatican in 1705; the structure is suspended above the old Diocletian Thermal Baths are exhumed fountains, pools, and mosaics can be seen from the floor below. The 238 guest rooms and suites, each equipped with modern amenities, differ in size, configuration and design. Many have views of the city and large terraces.

Apart from having one of the biggest outdoor terraces, this hotel is home to five distinct indoor and outdoor dining spots. Since it took over the property’s operations, the Anantara has made several enhancements and improvements to the classic hotel, which was recently used as a setting for House of Gucci with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver. An all-new Anantara Spa is scheduled to open at the top of the building. The resort is working on a menu of customized Anantara experiences that provide guests with a glimpse of Anantara, the Eternal City.

The brand of hospitality that has become synonymous with wellness has opened an all-new hotel, Six Senses Rome, the first of its kind in Italy. It is part of the Six Senses urban collection. The hotel is located in Piazza di San Marcello in the centre of Rome, just a few blocks from The Fontana di Trevi and the Pantheon.


The restored UNESCO-listed 18th century, Rococo-style palace Cesi Mellini once served as an accommodation for cardinals of the Catholic Church. The main façade and its central staircase are meticulously preserved, and the structure will be home to 95 distinct rooms with high ceilings, suites with a restaurant, and an outdoor terrace that offers 360-degree city views.

The interior design created by Patricia Urquiola respects the individuality of the various room configurations. The project’s centrepieces are the first floor Six Senses Spa and Roman baths that will provide an oasis of health and wellness for visitors enjoying the city’s attractions, nightlife and delicacies.

Palazzo Portinari Salviati is situated in the middle of the historical centre of Florence situated, near Piazza del Duomo and Piazza Signoria. This stunning Florentine palace was constructed in the 15th century by the Portinaris, an affluent family with ties to the Medicis.

The property’s ownership changed hands several times in several centuries. The property was bought from LDC Hotels & Resorts, a group of hotels. LDC Hotels & Resorts group made a major investment in the past three years to completely remodel and transform it into a hotel of the highest quality.

The palazzo has 13 classically-furnished suites, some with double bedrooms that have finely restored Renaissance fresco ceilings. The Royal Suite is said to be one of the largest in Italy, occupying the entire main floor of the palazzo, which includes its frescoed Gallery. There is also the Salotto Portinari Bar & Bistro and the chic Nonna restaurant, run by chef Vito Mollica, which serves the finest local cuisine. The hotel also offers spa and gym facilities with an outdoor heated pool.


The palazzo has 13 classically-furnished suites, some with double bedrooms that have finely restored Renaissance fresco ceilings. The Royal Suite is said to be one of the largest in Italy, occupying the entire main floor of the palazzo, which includes its frescoed Gallery. The Salotto Portinari Bar & Bistro, and the chic Nonna restaurant, run by chef Vito Mollica, provide local-sourced gourmet meals. The hotel also features an exercise room, spa, and indoor heated pool.

Tenuta di Artimino is set in the hills and vineyards of Montalbano that was once home to the Etruscan settlement. The property is home to an old house (Villa of the Cento Camini), made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013.

As part of The Melia Collection of Melia Hotels International, The 36 guest rooms are located in a building dating to the 17th century, Paggeria Medicea, along with a collection of 59 lodges scattered throughout the medieval village having a separate entrance. The rooms are built in a Tuscan Renaissance style with terracotta floors, wooden beams and local Sandstone.

The hotel has its restaurant located on the premises, Biagio Pignatta, adjacent to the hotel and just a few steps away from the Villa, which serves traditional Tuscan food. The property is located just a half-hour away from Florence. The hotel is convenient for excursions close to vineyards, cantinas, and wineries.

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Chanel is celebrating the cinema industry to close Paris Fashion Week.



Massive light-bulb-encrusted letters that spell CHANEL shimmered across an esplanade at Grand Palais on the last day of Paris Fashion Week prefacing a collection that honoured the cinema industry.

Paris — Stunning lightbulb-covered letters that spell CHANEL glittered on an esplanade at Grand Palais on the last day of Paris Fashion Week prefacing a collection of films that honoured the industry. It brought a sense of nostalgia for simpler times in this less-virus-hit season that is notable for its absence of stars.

Like Milan, Paris has undertaken an unusual fashion season in Spring-Summer 2021 due to this coronavirus-related pandemic. The nine-day calendar featured an assortment of runway shows with guests masked sitting in rows, live presentations and digital shows that were streamed online and accompanied by promotional videos.

Here are the highlights of Tuesday’s news:



A few American actors who normally go to Chanel, the main event in Paris Fashion Week, stayed at home. However, fashion designer Virginie Viard envisioned the glamour of earlier times. Her festive collection reflected the glamour of the Hollywood or Cannes film star machine and its media circus, aptly including the Oscar-winning French actor Marion Cotillard on the front row.

“I was thinking about actresses at the photocall, coming off the red carpet: their faces a little distracted, their attitude a little out of sync with the outfits they’re wearing … this very lively side to cinema that happens beyond cinema,” Viard stated.

It was a mix of high-end glamour mixed with casual chic in a collection known for its shoulder silhouettes that were exaggeratedly wide and round or flat and diagonal.

For the affluent, the upscale, there were ecru and black tweed skirts -the house’s signature. The most stylish was a tough knit black suit with round shoulders, an incredibly cinched waist, massive tubular arms and big white shirt cuffs that were visible and collar. It made a gorgeous silhouette against the white-list runway.

Some of the casual styles did let the collection fall. Prints that were large and vibrant, like a turtleneck and cross-over dress balloon letters that spell out the brand’s name to invoke neon lighting. However, the colours were not harmonious, and sometimes it appeared like the designer was trying to be trendy.


However, there were many stand-out moments. A shoulderless black mini dress was the epitome of elegance and had a silky black skirt that fluttered gently towards the ankles to reveal the legs. An untidy black silk top featured stunning white feathers swooshes that hung like leashes.

As a touch of nostalgia, This could be the last Chanel performance in the Grand Palais for years. The venue has announced that it will close between December 2020 and March 2023 to undergo renovations, to be reopened before the Paris Olympics of 2024.


This season’s goal for the powerhouse Louis Vuitton was to dissolve fashion’s masculine and feminine aspects.

“(To investigate) an area of sensitive which erases gender and promises endless possibilities for creativity. What would an in-between dress appear to be like?” the house asked.

The designer Nicolas Ghesquiere used that as an inspiration for a varied and vibrant collection of models with hairstyles and looks that were androgynous. Fashion is an industry that is shifting towards co-ed fashions in recent seasons, and it’s an important moment when a brand as strong as Louis Vuitton decides to look at this theme with such a clear approach to clothes.


The collection was a mix of the sporty look with hints of masculinity. Although a wool coat that was cross-over with a peach-yellow hue and an angular, T-shaped silhouette was likely a piece for a woman, a variety of other clothes for spring-summer were able to fulfil the unisex (and highly fashionable) task.

The belt buckled on the trench coat for men symbolised leitmotif. It appeared as an oversized version in black, striped, tan, white and green. Its loose edge was designed to be hung down the leg.

The biker’s jacket was large and cropped to resemble an oversized Bolero. One of the most memorable pieces was a V-neck, sleeveless, check knit sweater with elegant sage leather shoulders, which were so lavish it featured a band to fasten the lower half to make it fit the figure. It was probably a humorous allusion to the women that wear boyfriend’s clothes, and it was stylish.

Stars Alicia Vikander and Lea Seydoux were cheered on from the front row.


Fashion is described to be an industry which is always evolving. This is usually a good aspect since moving on towards new concepts and methods for displaying fashion can be the way trends are created and the industry’s lifeblood.


Currently, many houses are streaming their fashion collections via Instagram and other sites to allow their brands to be more accessible to the public, which is admirable and in the future. It can help make fashion more accessible by allowing it to be seen by more than the 200 people who attend the show in person.

However, Louis Vuitton is one house that appears to be slightly trigger-happy in its efforts to record and show its shows digitally. This could distract viewers from watching the show by the editors, who are among the program’s primary purposes.

This is a phenomenon that predates the coronavirus pandemic many years.

The show on Tuesday was a bit crowded. Guests could not view the entire collection due to the over 100 camera obstacles placed on poles along the Louis Vuitton runway. Two camera poles were set in front of almost all guests within the hall of the main runway.

The collection began when it first started. massive cameras mounted on rollers were moved up and down



Miuccia Prada’s teen sister house Miu Miu is known for its unique designs that can think deeply. In the current season, Prada looked at the fashions of the 1980s and added a splash of colour.

The collection appeared to have weaved every bright hue into the 53 designs. It could be seen as a sign of hope within one of the dark seasons of fashion.

Blood orange sparkled in a vintage tracksuit and sweatpants. Persian blue sparkled on a slouchy turtle neck. Satin sheen gold was an elegant touch to the vintage jacket and the sporty split skirt. Elderberry was the main part of a halterneck that was geometrically striped with a dark, sporty sienna skirt that looked Piet Mondrian and part Wimbledon.

One dress was in one of the most vibrant colours that had previously been on the Paris runway: a bright, pure citrine so powerful that the silhouette could not be distinguished.

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Beyond Frames Entertainment (FRA:8WP) Is In A Good Position To Deliver On Growth Plans.



We can see why investors seek out businesses that aren’t profitable. For example, although software-as-a-service business lost money for years while it grew recurring revenue, if you held shares since 2005, you’d have done very well. However, no fool would overlook the danger that a company with poor financial performance will burn through its money in a way that is too fast.

The genuine concern that is asked by Beyond Frames Entertainment (FRA:8WP) shareholders is whether they should be worried about the cash burn rate. In this article, the term “cash burn” is the annual percentage that a company that is not profitable uses the money to finance its expansion; it’s zero free cash flow. The first step is to establish the company’s cash runway by the ratio of its cash burn and the cash reserve.

When Might Beyond Frames Entertainment Run Out Of Money?

A company’s cash runway can be calculated as a result of dividing the cash pile by the amount of cash burned. As of March 20, 2022, Beyond Frames Entertainment had $ 38 million in cash and was debt-free. The most important thing is its cash burn was around kr25m over twelve months. So, as of March 2022, it would have approximately one year of runway for cash. Although this cash runway isn’t all that important, intelligent investors will be looking out in the distance and pondering what would happen when the business has to run out of cash. You can see how the cash balance has fluctuated over time by looking at the picture below.

How Well Is Beyond Frames Entertainment Growing?

One thing shareholders should remember is that Beyond Frames Entertainment increased its cash burn by 1,304% during the last 12 months. Although that may give us pause, we find great comfort in the strong growth in revenue of 94 percent. Based on the information above, we’re confident about the company’s growth path. The truth is that this article is only a brief review of the company’s overall growth statistics. You can look at how Beyond Frames Entertainment is growing revenue over time by looking at this graph of revenue growth.


How Hard Would It Be For Beyond Frames Entertainment To Raise More Cash For Growth?

Beyond Frames Entertainment seems to be in a pretty good position regarding cash burning. However, we think it’s worth considering how easy it is to raise more funds if needed. The issue of shares and taking loans are among the most popular ways for a publicly-traded company to raise funds for its operations. One significant advantage of publicly traded businesses is that they can offer shares to investors to gain cash and help fund expansion. You can look at the ratio of a company’s cash flow against its market capitalization to determine how many shares the company will need to issue to fund one year’s operation.

Beyond Frames Entertainment has a market capitalization of KR428m. It also burned through kr25m last year, which amounts to 5.8 percent of the market value. As it is a small amount, it would be pretty simple for the business to finance next year’s growth by issuing new shares to its investors or through loans.

So, Should We Worry About Beyond Frames Entertainment’s Cash Burn?

While its ever-growing cash burn can make us feel a bit anxious, we have to say that we believed Beyond Frames Entertainment’s increase in revenue was pretty positive. We’re not the type of investors who are worried about the risk associated when dealing with companies that burn cash; however, the numbers we’ve reviewed in this piece make us feel pretty confident about Beyond Frames Entertainment’s current situation. Investors must be aware of the risks associated with business before deciding to invest in a stock. We’ve found four warning indicators concerning Beyond Frames Entertainment that potential investors should consider before investing money in an investment

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Is Circle an exciting future for entertainment for sports?



Will Hawkins came up with the idea of distracting his fellow students at university while they were watching a 1-1 match between Southampton and Crystal Palace.

The founder of a betting app believes that his venture could change the world of sports entertainment forever.

Will Hawkins came up with the concept for Circle to entertain his college friends as they watched a dull 1-1 draw between his favorite Southampton and Crystal Palace.

The Circle was founded in 2020 and already has more than 2,000 users on the platform. It has raised PS1m.


It is reported that the Manchester company is working on raising PS400k via Crowdcube. With less than three weeks remaining, the total amount is less than PS340k.

Hawkins admitted that he might not think of the business if the match of 2019 was more intriguing.

“Anyone who’s been to a football game knows the feeling you get when you realize that you’re about to witness the awful game ever,” he recalled.

“I removed my hat and looked around at my group of friends and said, ‘lads, all put five dollars in the hat. Every time the ball goes beyond the field, put the hat to you right’.

“15 minutes into the game, everyone was completely absorbed into it because we’d changed slightly the way we watch it.


“I began receiving groups of fans surrounding me and asking me why we ran around in a frenzy every time the ball was kicked off the field.

“The winners were the person who held the hat when the final whistle. There was a half-time ceremony and one at full-time.”

When the game was over, Hawkins started considering ways to turn his idea into a company, which he began the following year with Mark Quinn and Eddie Ross.

Hawkins declared it crucial to tackle the ‘elephant of the room’ by speaking about gambling.



“Betting tax is the second-largest source of income for the government under PAYE,” he explained. “It’s a PS180bn market worldwide with an 8.3 percent annual compound growth rate. It’s not going away.

“However, the rules are evolving, and new players have an opportunity to create socially inclusive concepts and not focus on the addictive nature of exclusion. This is something we’re genuinely thriving on.

“We are playing with you and your friends, and the worst case is that your buddy is the winner.

“It’s an entire game of luck. We’ve learned to be more innovative by using our platform. I’ve just told you how one game. How often the ball is removed from play. Various measures allow the pot to move one way to the right for an edge and two places to the left to get the yellow card.

“By adding these values, you’re beginning to observe the game differently. The last time I checked, someone was able to win a jackpot of PS1,000 due to a late-minute substitution!


“We’re making micro-moments of the game and making an experience out of them built on it.

“It’s super-scalable and is suitable in any sport. We’ll continue to expand our product to include various sports.”

Acquisition of customers

Will Hawkins, CEO, Circl

Hawkins claimed that the current Crowdcube campaign was not only about raising funds.

“I’m more interested in the investments made by Crowdcube and more focused on the evangelists who come out through this platform,” the evangelist said.

“A few days ago, I was given a PS190k ticket in the angel syndicate. Happily, I can say that. But another investor, whom I will not name, and a frequent customer of Circle, placed the colossal sum of PS25.60.

“He’s the one I am committed to because I’m confident he’ll tell his buddies about his investment.


“Cost for acquisition” is an essential factor for us. I believe that the convergence of sports media, betting on sports as well as a consumer brand is the next phase of entertainment on the internet.”

Hawkins stated that Circle could turn the entire world of customer acquisition upside down.

“One of the most challenging issues in the betting on sports is the expense of the acquisition of the sports betting market,” he explained.

“In the UK, the cost per acquisition is PS150 for each customer. In the US, it’s $900 for each customer. This is the reason you’ll see a lot of marketing.

“One thing we’re trying to prove and the reason we’re making use of Crowdcube as a tool for this, and different ways, is that we believe we can attract customers at 30% of the average cost of acquisition. That is precisely what we’re doing currently.


“If we keep doing that, we could save firms hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising costs and acquisition expenses.”

Circle has increased to six staff members and is currently looking to expand into new sports and nations.

“We’re currently in the market fit,” he said. “There’s an old saying, ‘ if you’re not ashamed of the initial edition of your service, you’ve launched it too late. This is a fact.

“We’ve gained a lot of new experiences. We’ve got eliminated. These are devices that may let yellow cards can remove your name from the circles.

The goal we have for the UK is that we’ll try to develop in different sports. However, we’ve already started conversations with VCs across the US to raise our next round, which will create a concept for The NBA and the NFL.”


But the most exciting development could see it expand into areas that are not gambling.

“I’m talking to many B2C brands, and we’re looking to create a gaming experience in which players could receive 50% of their merchandise, for example,” he said.

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