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Cannondale Information: All-new Topstone Carbon gravel bicycle unveiled.



With the revamped Cannondale Topstone Carbon gravel bicycle, the bicycle brand from the USA claims to own found the magic system: a full-suspension gravel all-round bicycle that cuts a superb determine in any situation and on any surface. May this be correct?

“We designed the Topstone Carbon as a tool that does all of it,” claimed Nina Baum, Cannondale Item Manager. “Whether it’s the area singletrack, jumping into your first gravel battle, or that immediately bikepacking journey turned transcontinental experience, the Topstone suggests their rider for new challenges.” With the brand new and renovated Topstone Carbon gravel bicycle, Cannondale claims us nothing less than a top-class gravel all-rounder, and, in the course of the deeper examination, it gifts ideas two bikes at once.

Cannondale Topstone Carbon 1 RLE | € 8,999 | Hersteller-Website

The newest Topstone Carbon will be for sale in shapes that range from XS to XL. The initial design is the progress of their precursor and employs Cannondale’sCannondale’s exclusive SmartSense system. The 2nd design, the Topstone Carbon 1 Lefty and the Topstone Carbon 2 Lefty are built with the Lefty Oliver fork. SmartSense – presently shown on the brand new Cannondale Synapse (see review) – will be utilized on the carbon designs 1 RLE, 2 M, and 3 L. The Topstone will surely cost between € 2,949 and € 8,999 during its introduction, concerning the model. We’veWe’s summarised the preliminary information and details for you here.

The models of the Cannondale Topstone Carbon 2022

The Cannondale Topstone Carbon 2022 will be launched in the EU in eight alternatives – all of them feature the updated carbon frame. In addition, you will find five more Topstone designs that use the current frame. The entry into the brand new Cannondale Topstone Carbon 2022 earth could be the Topstone Carbon 4, which prices € 2,949. The flagship of the brand new Cannondale gravel bikes is currently the Topstone Carbon 1 RLE. The initialisms in the Topstone Carbon name stand for radar, mild and electric shifting. So an RLE design features all of these. You will find the brand new models of the Cannondale Topstone Carbon on the dining table below.

Cannondale presents a design selection that seems complex at first glance but is finally somewhat simple to get a grip on. With designs 1 and 2, you choose between the rowdy performance of the Lefty Oliver pay or the added security of SmartSense. Design 3 is available with or without SmartSense lighting. And design 4 is SmartSense-ready for future upgrades. Simple, proper?


The specifications: why is the brand new Topstone Carbon unique?

Like their precursor (see review), the brand new Topstone Carbon 2022 is built with the in-house KingPin suspension. It’sIt’s been fundamentally changed, is more streamlined today, and is allowed to be stronger and, at the same time, 100 g lighter than the first generation. But what exactly is KingPin anyway? With around 30 mm of vacation, the KingPin process is allowed to be the key to more ease and traction. The leading pie flexes under load because of the unique carbon layup in the utmost effective pipe and chair pipe. The chair and string keep reacting similarly due to their increased vertical compliance, with a shared integration into the chair pipe helping as a rocker point. The change of the pipe proportions for every single figure measurement – Proportional Response in Cannondale’sCannondale’s phrases – claims optimum performance of the maintenance-free process for riders of various sizes.

Still, another crucial feature of the brand new gravel bicycle could be the compatibility of the Lefty Oliver suspension pay with 700C wheels. Unlike the brand new income, the precursor (see review) can only be along with 650B wheels. Overall, a great deal has changed in terms of tire clearance. The gravel bicycle is permitted for tires around 45 mm in width and will even support tires around 27.5″ x 2.1″ to allow for even more flexibility in making the arrangement all yours.

The Topstone Carbon is built with SmartSense, a clever mild and radar process from Cannondale that actively communicates with the rider, the bicycle, and the environment. It is powered by one battery. The machine is designed to improve equally rider’srider’s notion and bike’sbike’s visibility. SmartSense is sold with StVZO-compliant lights in American nations, making them path appropriate in Germany. All Topstone Carbon bikes are SmartSense ready and organized to use a dropper chair post.

The geometry of the brand new Cannondale gravel bicycle

Cannondale has altered the geometry of the brand new Topstone Carbon to support the broader tires and consistently keep the handling at their average instinctive level. Additional geometry improvements add a lower standover height and a diminished base area height. Both are meant to provide a lot more confidence. The geometry of the Topstone Carbon is available in the dining table below.


Our opinion on the brand new Cannondale Topstone Carbon 2022

Cannondale finally provided their gravel all-rounder with the eagerly anticipated update: more tire approval! With the Oliver suspension pay release for 700C wheels, the product range of use is further increased. Still another reason to be excited about any of its introduction could be the implementation the SmartSense system. For all of us, the brand new Topstone Carbon is a promising all-around gravel idea – in writing – and we could hardly watch for the first test!

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How to rebrand a company or organization: When, Why, and How.



To increase their value and relevance, professional sports teams, as well as businesses, often rebrand. Consider the Washington Redskins pro football team, rebranded to the Washington Commanders. This change was made due to concerns about the original name. It took almost 18 months to rebrand. It is not clear why the process took so much time. Why can’t the team manage a fan poll? Or choose a name they like. Although it may seem simple, rebranding takes time. It is not just about changing the name or logo.

Autumn Sterrett (COO) and Rachel Hardin, Creative Director of VHS Design Co., shared their insights on key aspects of a rebrand. Hardin says, “Brand identity or brand philosophy is a combined vision, mission, and your values that creates a unique identity.” Do you think it’s hard to do this? Try again.

HiveMind Studios reports that the average rebranding project costs 10%-20% of a marketing budget. If your annual revenues are $15M and your marketing budget $750K, you can expect rebranding expenses in the $75,000-$150,000 range to revamp your company’s branding.

Create a New Mission

Rebranding is when an organization or company needs to change and grow. They may want to change their market position, expand their reach, or seek to enter a new market. They might also consider changing their brand after a merger or acquisition or because of a new company vision.


These four elements should be taken into consideration when making these decisions.

Identifying the new brand

It is difficult to identify a brand name because you want to retain current customers and attract new ones. This involves brainstorming (i.e., developing new characters), testing, and confirming that they are available. An organization may begin with a name, then think about how it will look, such as colors and logos. All of these must be done to appeal to both current and future customers. Take the Washington Commanders’ rebrand. The fans were divided. Some wanted to keep their old names, while others wanted a new one. This required the team to identify which elements would continue and which would be dropped.

Develop the Strategy

Sterrett says that once the vision, mission, and values are established, it’s time to develop a strategy to facilitate the transition from the existing brand to the new one. Although it might seem easier to throw away the old plan and start over, this is not always possible for large corporations or large organizations. This is also not feasible for small businesses. It will be necessary to adapt existing brand features into the new plans while also making sure it matches the elements of the change. This includes but isn’t limited to changing product labels, updating the website, making adjustments to promotional materials, and changing marketing strategies. These updates can be done properly to avoid confusion for consumers and maintain their loyalty.

Get feedback from key stakeholders.

It is important to involve key stakeholders, including employees, in the rebranding process of your company because they spend the most time engaging and interacting with the market.

Nicole Kemp, Senior Manager of Brand & Marketing Operations at BrandActive, and Jo Clarke, a senior director, suggested that: “If branding and culture are not integrated into your organization, then use your rebrand to bring together your marketing and HR teams. You and your colleagues should align around the goals that are important to them. You might ask HR colleagues to discuss how employees can live out the brand and show passion and purpose at work. You might also consider whether your brand could be used more deliberately in your hiring campaigns to improve recruitment results.


Do your research on the industry and competition.

In addition to the ideas and opinions shared by your team members, it is important to generate market understanding through thorough research. Understanding consumers is essential, but knowing your competitors is equally important. It is necessary to understand your competitors when repositioning a brand.

Sterrett advises being aware of trends and fads. It is expensive to rebrand, and you need to make sure it is sustainable. Microsoft Zune, Palm Pilot, and Napster are just a few examples of companies and products that have struggled in changing industries.

Uber was a great example of a company that did this right. It rebranded and emphasized its riders and drivers simultaneously. It was about creating real value, not just a shift in a logo, tagline, or picture.

It would help if you considered whether a name change is necessary.

Suppose your company name is difficult to spell or find digitally, confusing, unclear, not reflective of what you are offering, or has trademark issues. In that case, a new company name might be required. Like any business decision, it is important to consider both the actual costs and the potential benefits. Brian Lischer, a branding agency at Ignyte, says that rebranding can lead to “loss of brand equity in the existing business name…as well any SEO value you have created under the name.”

These changes are often easier for large companies with a loyal following. Dunkin’ Donuts, for example, recently changed its name from Dunkin to Dunkin. This is a simple change that can be easily associated with the company’s former name. Since everyone knew them as Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC was officially established. While Facebook’s transition to Meta is more complex, they are a large corporation that can afford significant marketing investment.


It takes time to make the world aware of the changes. It takes time to determine when and how to launch.

Like the Washington Football Team, any company that decides to rebrand will experience a slow, tedious, and expensive process. Whatever the reason for the change, there must be a strategy to ensure success. Organizations don’t want to do it if they don’t have to.

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Game On: North Texas is a ‘Technology Entertainment Concept ‘Paradise.



From Topgolf to Pottery, Electric Mix, TOCA Social, Two Touch Circus, and more, North Texas might be America’s most excellent high-tech playground. Check out this roundup of who’s enjoying what where. (And sure, you may even roll a bulldozer in Sachse.)

Engineering can shift hills, affect industries, and change the world. It can be an overall total blast—and businesses are proving that over Dallas-Fort Worth. North Texas is becoming among the world’s leading showplaces of high-tech leisure concepts in recent decades.

Welcome to ground zero for getting your sport on—with reimagined methods to play tennis, football, shuffleboard, video games, label, and more. From the newest cutting-edge Ferris wheel engineering to an inside “circus” of tech-enabled games, here is a roundup of how North Texas is reinventing fun:

Reimagining Tennis in Dallas

North Texas has become a “Tennis Mecca” for many reasons. The PGA of America is creating a “Plastic Area of golf” by moving its HQ from California to Frisco. Dallas is the house of ClubCorp, the largest operator and driver of tennis features in the U.S., and Arcis Tennis, America’s second-largest.


But we sparkle by creating tennis more fun. Dallas is the house of Topgolf, Push Shack, BigShots, and Pottery—all of which have made standard tennis into high-tech leisure concepts.

Topgolf (above) leads the pack with 65 locations in the U.S. and more in the U.K., Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates. As we wrote last summertime, it’s pursuing an objective of continued expansion and innovation.

Puttery’s Illusion course at its location north of Dallas [Photo: Puttery]

Push Shack is a Topgolf competitor that debuted an entirely new principle last summer—Pottery, a high-tech, totally reimagined variation of miniature tennis combined with cocktails and food in an adults-only playground. It opened one of its first locations at Grandscape in The Colony only north of Dallas and will soon start its ninth in New York City’s trendy Meatpacking District.

Meanwhile, Dallas-based ClubCorp is moving out more of their BigShots tennis leisure locations, with one in Fort Worth and five more spread out from Bryan, Texas, to as a long way away as Northwick Park, U.K.

And Dallas businesses Flite Tennis and Century Tennis have joined to bring gamification tech to tennis stages and tennis leisure locations across the U.S.—with help from Elderly Advisor Ken May, former CEO of Topgolf, Push Shack, and FedEx Office.

Baseball Gets a New Activate Large N

In a TOCA box, a ball is launched at a player with targets waiting on the video screen. [Photo: TOCA Social]

Everyone understands football is huge in England—however. It got a straight more superb pop lifestyle stop when TOCA Social opened this past year in The O2, London’s live leisure and retail destination. The area has attracted stars from top British football groups and celebrities, influencers, and even cast customers from “Ted Lasso.”

Today a TOCA Social is visiting the Dallas Design Region near downtown, providing “world-class” cuisine, bars with sweeping views, and immersive target-game “TOCA boxes.” In the Dallas location’s 34 TOCA boxes, teams will be able to eat, drink, and get converts, fielding and kicking football balls at gamified video screens.


Slated to start in early 2023, TOCA Social would have been a three-level, industrial-style showplace created atop a current factory at 1313 Riverfront Blvd.

Rendering of exterior view of TOCA Social, coming to the Design District in early 2023. [Image: TOCA Social]

TOCA is a soccer expression from the Spanish word for “touch.” It means having excellent touch on the baseball, especially your first touch in a play. So why did the organization touch down in Dallas for its first U.S. area?

Zach Shor, SVP of TOCA Social U.S., informed Dallas Innovates the solution is easy: “Dallas is the true deal.”

Its first stage can maintain 27 TOCA boxes, combined with the main bar and a treat bar named Sweet Finish. The next floor can have eight TOCA boxes and an “actually wonderful, 5,000-square-foot outdoor patio with bonkers views of downtown.” The 3rd floor would have been a climate-controlled bar, with accordion glass opportunities that start in great temperature, providing what Shor calls “the best place to truly see downtown with a great mixture in your hand in the town of Dallas.”

Two Touch Circus is Coming to Town

[Photo: Two Bit Circus]

Two Touch Circus, a “micro-amusement park” principle first presented in Los Angeles, is increasing this fall to their second U.S. site in Dallas’The Shops at Park Lane, near NorthPark.

The newest area can provide 35,000 sq feet of tech-enhanced leisure that fuses the most recent interactive engineering with the “wonder and spectacle of common circus and carnival.”

The leisure can contain custom-designed arcade games; VR, AR, and “extensive reality” experiences; “history rooms” that function like escape rooms; scientifically reimagined carnival games, an interactive sport display movie; cabanas with personal gaming lounges; and more. (And yes—” more” contains software bartenders.)


Immersive Sports ‘Eatertainment’

iCompete AR-powered sports bar, coming to Lewisville. [Rendering: iCompete]

Competent Knowledge is an expansive, fully immersive “productive activities eatertainment” principle that opened in Feb in Lewisville. It includes AR-enhanced tennis, batting cage simulators, electronically scored darts, ax-throwing, and immersive tech billiards.

Its main bar features a 20-foot LED TV, a mixology bar, and a 40-tap self-pour alcohol & wine wall. The hybrid sporting area and activities bar is “a convergence of e-sports, increased truth, simulation, and immersive technology.” It comes with a “global menu” offering tacos, flatbreads, wings, and sushi.

Gaming in an ‘Electric Gamebox’

Electric Gamebox’s game, “Alien Aptitude Test: London ‘84.” [Photo: Electric Gamebox]

Why only play video games when you’re able to be inside one? This is the consideration behind Electric Gamebox. The immersive class gaming system has locations in three U.K. towns and one in the Grandscape complicated in The Colony north of Dallas.

Customers who visit Electric Gamebox enter an interactive electronic clever space named a “Gamebox” gaming pod. In a position to number two to six participants at any given time, the Gameboxes function a selection of games applying projection mapping, touch monitors, 3D action monitoring, and encompass noise without headsets.

Shuffling into Serious Ellum

[Photo: Electric Shuffle]

Shuffleboard was once as old-school as it gets: a long, sandy wooden table with material pucks creeping down to click their solution to victory before Electric Mix got ahold of it and made it into some high-tech principle bars.

Like different ideas on this record, Electric Mix got their come from the U.K. before seeking a home in America—and placing their views squarely on Dallas-Fort Worth. Last fall, the initial U.S. site opened at 2615 Elm Street in Serious Ellum.

The bar-eaterie “reimagines” shuffleboard with “unparalleled vision technology” for an immersive, social experience. With several competing parts on tap, clubs with 16 participants can compete in the three presented games.

Grandscape Wheel

Grandscape Wheel and Jurassic World Exhibition at Grandscape in The Colony [Photo via BluSpark]

We hold stating “Grandscape,” and its number chance: the shopping/dining/entertainment complicated in The Colony—situated down Road 121/Sam Rayburn Tollway and only west of North Dallas Tollway—has become a destination for all kinds of leisure experiences.

Grandscape was named “Many Innovative Retail and Entertainment Project” at London’s RLI Prizes last fall.


One new reason: the Grandscape Wheel, which follows the tendency of plus-sized, cutting-edge Ferris wheels worldwide. At 180 feet tall, it opened last September, 2nd in height in Texas, simply to the Texas Star in Dallas’Good Park. It was made by Netherlands-based Dutch Wheels and functions 42 climate-controlled, music-playing gondolas that maintain up to eight persons each. Additionally, it includes a VIP glass-bottom floor gondola with Ferrari-style leather seats for four.

Bulldozing Enjoyment at ExtremeSandbox

[Image: Courtesy Extreme Sandbox]

Bulldozers have gotten far more advanced lately. In most areas on earth, the only path you can enjoy using them is to scoot small design games on the floor. But you are in North Texas now, and we do point different here.

At ExtremeSandbox, situated at The Place in Sachse northeast of Dallas, you can get the regulates and run the actual thing.

Following a successful look on “Shark Tank” in 2016, ExtremeSandbox opened its Sachse site in late 2020. ( It formally opened one at their home bottom in Hastings, Minnesota.)

Serious Sandbox provides visitors the chance to run construction equipment under the guidance of trained instructors. Activities contain dueling bulldozers, crushing vehicles, and planning an obstacle course. The business also presents heavy-equipment education for those pursuing occupations in the construction trades.

Low-Tech Enjoyment: Football Meets Bowling

Yep—at Fowling Warehouse you simply throw a football and knock over those bowling pins. [Video still: Fowling Warehouse]

Fine, let’s say you are not just a techie-type person. If you want your leisure ideas analog and real-world, look no more than Fowling Warehouse, visiting East Plano in summertime 2022.

Fowling (rhymes with “bowling”) is straightforward to explain. You pick up a basketball and put it 48 feet to hit over some bowling pins. Five different locations nationwide are providing this knowledge, with a sixth on your way in Ann Arbor later this year. Like usually the one visiting Plano, all of them feature a whole bar, and alcohol backyard, and live audio performances.


But wait, there’s more.

From the National Videogame Memorial in Frisco and a wide selection of game arcades and bars across DFW to new ideas being baked up today by modern entrepreneurs, there’s almost no limit to new types of fun you can have in Dallas-Fort Worth. Keep updated, and we’ll inform you what’s coming next!

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BARRIERS FOR BUSINESS Small business owners share the most difficult problems they face in the initial year of operation.





Small-scale business owners have shared their biggest issues in the initial year of operation with no time off, no social interaction, long working hours, and a lack of sleep.

Researchers who surveyed 1,000 entrepreneurs discovered that it is nearly impossible in the first twelve months, as per 64% of respondents – and so is the ability to turn off (29 percent).

Over a quarter of workers employed more than 12 hours daily in the first year. The majority of people get six hours or less of sleep per night.

Other issues include keeping up with paperwork (23 percent) and having extremely little cash (30 percent) and boosting their profile to gain new customers and clients (28 percent).


But, the study conducted by Osome, which offers small-sized businesses tools for managing finances and accountants, revealed that 91 percent of respondents are happy they launched their own business.

Six out of 10 people admit that there are things they’d like to change in the present.

Helena Flores, VP of accounting and tax at Osome, said: “Running your own business is extremely rewarding, but it’s not without its difficulties – and perhaps it’s the ability to overcome these obstacles that makes it so rewarding.

“Getting financial affairs in place is one of the foundations for a profitable business in one year.

“Managing the money that comes in and out, analyzing invoices, and knowing what’s being sold are three golden rules for success.


“So If you can get through the first year of running your business, it will generally become easier in the following years.

“However, there are ways to make the first year easier – such as getting support from qualified experts like accountants.”

The study also showed that 29% of people found the process of starting a business higher priced than they expected that it could be.

Eight in 10 of them funded most of their venture by utilizing their savings. On average, 76 percent of the capital required to operate their business came from their pockets.

Another revealed that they had a hard time launching their venture. much more difficult than they expected it to be in the beginning


For 28% of them, the first twelve months are likely to have been particularly difficult as they all but held down an additional job during the time.

It’s perhaps understandable that two-thirds of those polled admitted that they had moments in the initial year when they believed their business was doomed to be a failure.

A fifth affected by this thought said that these thoughts ran through their minds every day.

Small-scale business owners also discussed what they’d have changed in hindsight and made their social presence an important factor (39 percent) an average reflection.

Finding more support for their marketing (27%)) as well as finding a more effective method of chasing payments (27 percent) and making an efforts to spend time with their family (26 percent) are among the things that owners could change.


A majority (53 percent) have also said that they would prefer they’d sought the advice of a third party to help succeed in their business.

Additionally, 44% of respondents believe they should have utilized a third party’s help to manage their administration and keep their finances in order.

However, despite all the obstacles and challenges, the study conducted by OnePoll found that 77% of people would recommend starting a business with other people.

Being the boss (70 percent) and having happy customers (55 percent), and earning a profit (48 percent) are the top three advantages of working for yourself.

Helena Flores added:“As the study demonstrates, running a business isn’t always simple, especially in the first twelve months.


“But interestingly, the overwhelming majority are glad they made that step which says a lot about how rewarding owning a company is.”

If you run an unassuming company or not, rising energy bills impact all of us. You can save up to PS1,187 on energy costs every year in this way.

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