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As the cruise ship industry recovers, entertainment tech is in high demand.



Opportunities and challenges are increasing for AV companies targeting the cruise ship market as it booms back to life. Tim Kridel explains the nuances.

The maiden voyage of the world’s largest cruise vessel took place last month. Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas measures 362m and has 18 decks. It can hold nearly 7,000 people.

The wonder of the Seas is one of the many major cruise ships that will be launching in the coming year. They all share one thing in common: their AV systems rival those found in nightclubs, theme parks and other landed venues. For example, MSC Cruises’ World Europa will have a VR-enabled water park and a multipurpose 300-seat venue for concerts, entertainment, and other events.

Scott Wakelin is L-Acoustics’ business development manager for cruise ships and sports facilities. “Five to six years ago, it was an outdated way of thinking.” They had already leapt with screens and lighting and installed very expensive products in those areas. But they didn’t jump audio.


“The production value of the product and the budgets available to spend on lighting and screens have increased, but audio has not received the same priority.” L-Acoustics has worked with many cruise companies to recognize the importance of having concert sound capabilities and providing a West End/Broadway experience aboard.

Part of the business case to have a high-quality set-up for cruise lines brands is that they present shows such as Cats or Mamma Mia on Royal Caribbean. The best way to convince the stars and the production staff to accept the job is to provide them with AV systems comparable in quality to those they have at the top theatres.

Wakelin states that 65-75% of repeat travellers are around. They are searching for something unique and will choose the ships with the best facilities. It’s not a matter of building it.

Cruise ship markets include voyages centred around music, such as those from the 1980s. These charter organizers can help passengers learn about the ship’s audiovisual amenities, both in staterooms and entertainment venues. The Smooth Jazz Cruise announced that it was ending its 17-year relationship with one line.

According to the company’s website, “The main draw to that class are the size, variety, and variety of performance venues.” Celebrity Cruises ships are the best cruise ships for presenting our music. Our ship on the ’23 sailings, Celebrity Millennium, recently completed a unique Revolution upgrade program that saw each stateroom remodelled with the latest technology and upgraded accommodations.


This demand is being met by some AV vendors who offer specifically designed products for staterooms. LG Business Solutions, for example, launched a range of smart TVs last summer that can be used in crew cabins and staterooms. The Pro: Centric sets allow ship operators to create customized digital experiences by offering Wi-Fi and speech control. Pro: Centric, like hotel room TVs, supports wireless streaming from passengers’ devices.

Permanent vacation

Some charter operators and bands will bring their equipment to supplement the ship’s permanent gear, depending on their production needs.

Andreas Mohnke is Riedel’s cruise ship account manager. He says that temporary stages are also possible for special occasions. For Full Metal Cruises, you will need to have crew and equipment for touring.

For example, a ship’s PA system might not have the horsepower necessary to provide the kind of heartbeat-deregulating experience that fans and artists want.

Wakelin states that “typically the installed system is targeted towards cabaret and has other considerations like noise transmission and affecting ship levels above and beneath.” EDM cruises, for instance, will always bring in more.


Cruise line companies are interested in providing the best quality and quantity possible.

Wakelin states that there is a tendency to increase the production value of the audio side. There is also a recognition by industry leaders that deliver ROI in charter events markets and regular cruising schedules. The vessel operators prefer that the charter operators use the installed products because it is a revenue stream that they can charge.

IP and TV aboard

Another trend is networking.

“Whether a conference, information technology for infotainment (for instance on expedition ships), or as part the entertainment offer, [there] are more and more comprehensive networks of all systems acting with one another in IP network structures that have already been in place,” said Dierk Elwart (ASC) chief of business development. However, this must be considered that many applications can use major networks for entertainment and AV technology. Different configuration concerns can often lead to similar difficulties.”

Amptown System Company delivered media and entertainment technology for the AIDAnova cruise ship

Elwart explains that green screen studios can be used to use virtual sets and environments. Groups can be swapped easily and adopted. These green screen studios can be based in virtual environments. These computer-generated environments can be described as not just 2D images but 3D models of the studio where the presenter will be placed. Camera tracking allows for dynamic camera movements and static shots (fixed camera angle on anchor), which can be used on news programs such as Newsday.

Seaworthy AV

The unique environment of cruise ships can be very demanding for equipment. Salt air can affect electronic components and result in ruggedized versions of products.

Elwart states that “technically and in the plan, the points weight, power consumption, and waste heat are [among]the central factors.” “There is also the element of durability, and seawater resistance, for outdoor installations or inappropriate sea conditions. Because space is a limiting factor, highly integrated and compact systems are often used.


As an integrator, you must develop and implement essential precautions to protect the equipment. Integrators must develop and implement vital safeguards in equipment. Fibre is a necessity for many reasons.

Riedel’s Mohnke says that today’s requirements for cruise ships include low latency and bandwidth demands and low weight and resistance to temperature and humidity. This is a strong indicator of fibre structures. Radio signal reflections are also extremely demanding because of the steel mass.

“In this instance, we are happy that Bolero’s wireless comms system Bolero can not only handle the environment but almost loves these reflections. We can also take a lot off the shoulders of tech guys.”

Safe harbour

In a matter of a year, AV standards, product lines and prices can change dramatically. Ask anyone who has worked on arenas, stadiums, and other venues. It takes three to four years for them to open their doors.

Elwart states that the time frame from initial planning and conceptualization to the actual implementation of a new cruise vessel is significantly longer than that for a similar project on the land. “A highly dynamic shift in products and their availability plays an important role throughout the project. This requires close cooperation among all parties to respond appropriately.”


Integrators can benefit from close relationships with vendors to gain product roadmap insights and help them meet customer deadlines.

Elwart states that it takes three years for a product to be realized. This means that close communication with manufacturers is essential during the planning phase. It will help plan for the future developments that will become available at the time of realization. The products must be supported for at least ten years after handover. We are always trying to find the right balance between using the most recent material and not getting caught up in end-of-life announcements.

Some product types have more flexibility than others. Audio products are one example, especially those for the touring market. They overlap with the cruise ship industry to some degree.

Wakelin states that most of our products were made for touring markets. It’s not in our business model to constantly change product types, as people are willing to invest in our products for the long term. That business model includes the residual value of the equipment after they’re finished with it.

“We have a policy that we don’t rotate our products too often unless there is a breakthrough technology on the market, and we must implement it. We usually offer our customers the option to upgrade their product rather than invest in a new system. This is not a problem in terms of the timeframe for new-build projects.


Ship to shore

There is one major difference between cruise ships versus other venues: Distance. The equipment and people that run it must be durable because flying in replacements, help, or both is not cheap.

Mohnke believes that technical staff should be easy to use because they are responsible for many systems, including audio and video and data and comms.

Mohnke states that Riedel has at least two options to address the transition as traditional AV workflows migrate towards IP. The first is to install plug-and-play systems, which can be operated by any member of the technical staff aboard.

Riedel supplied communications and signal transport technology for the Royal Caribbean International ship Anthem of the Seas

The second is highly automated IP workflows. These systems require IT personnel with a deep knowledge of IP and a dedication to rock-and-roll. We have a wide range of solutions that can meet both these needs.

Mohnke states, “It is crucial that support be available both locally and remotely and that it be accessible on a short notice.” “With our technology hubs all over the world, we can offer remote support 24/7 for cruise lines that are in dire need.”

Drydock projects may appear unexpectedly and require tight turnarounds.

Wakelin states that a vessel could be travelling around Australia in one week, and they have decided to transport it to Portland, Oregon. “I received a call in Miami from a customer: ‘We need theatre design and must have it delivered in two weeks. This is exactly what just happened.


“If you have a good reason to bring it in, let’s say an engine or gearbox, mission critical, life-safety, etc. then they’ll suddenly throw a lot of money at it to upgrade various areas of the vessel. You’ve got 14 days to do it right.”

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Can it be Time For One to Think About Solar Installation?




Folks are slowly becoming more conscious of the duty to preserve the environmental surroundings through the years. Using solar power is one method to enjoy the benefits of development without compromising the total amount of nature. It can also be one of many simplest ways tips on how to reduce your yearly costs on application bills. Solar installation is not a clever transfer because it can reduce steadily the consumption of non-renewable power, but is also a way to cut back your cost of living. In comparison to previous initiatives done to move natural, this is far better and pocket-friendlier as well.

Solar installation can certainly be performed because photovoltaic companies are suffering from greater ways to combine them in recent property and make structures. They have produced ways to set up these panels even though you don’t have the proper type of steep roof. Though it continues to be a little costly, the installation cost can also be more workable for upper mid-income families. The same as other easy power options, you don’t need to keep a close vision on these panels. They’d just need small maintenance and may last for decades to come.

People currently applying these panels were amazed at how simple they can be bought and installed Sunergy Dallas, Texas. Many companies are focusing on power-providing panes and you can buy one from onsite offices or in online stores. If you wish to save additional money and deploy the solar panels yourself, make sure that you do it right. Some companies might present video tutorials and tips on how to effectively deploy these things. They’d support you choose the perfect spot where you can start. Ask for a listing of the things you might need to get from electronics stores when you may want to avoid getting needless resources and materials.

Among the problems, you might think about is the probable damage to your roof. So long as you install them properly, you don’t need certainly to be worried about any damage. Needless to say, skilled installers may do it greater since a lot of them have spent decades in this business. If you are worried, you can opt to employ a free-standing design instead since they can quickly be put in the ground. Insurance isn’t a big problem too since most companies are pushed to include them in your policy. Just to make sure, you can straight ask when it is covered.


There are many benefits why you must get these panels. Solar installation should be performed on new homes because besides lowering the expense of electric expenses significantly, it may also make some extra revenue in some areas. You may want to always check your state laws and the guidelines of your application companies. Some power grid-operating companies might present house owners with various forms of rebate if they can generate a lot of surplus power from these solar panels. This is of good use if you should be residing in warm places. Even if it’s maybe not summertime throughout the year, you can still generate the energy you have spent all through the winter months.

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Four Ways Technology Can Change the course of your business.



According to Tech Target, information technology is “the application of computers as well as storage, networking and various other physical devices, infrastructures and processes that create and process storage, secure and exchange all kinds of electronic information. In general, IT is employed within the context of operations for the business, as opposed to technologies employed for entertainment or personal reasons.”

The time when Harvard Business Review writers coined the term in 1958, they described IT with three significant components computing process of data, support for decision making as well as business applications. Also, everything related to computing technology, like networking software, hardware and the internet, and individuals who work with these technologies are housed under the umbrella of information technology.

IT can assist businesses in reducing the use of resources, reducing repetitive work, cutting down on manual tasks, and automating large-scale activities. However, if it is not done correctly, IT can break enterprises.

What IT can do to Make or Break Your Business

Every business requires a strong as well as a dedicated department of IT to prosper. Let’s look at some of the ways IT can either make or break your company:


Not increasing the size of IT operations, particularly in the face of budgetary limitations.

As businesses face ever-growing demands from their employees, consumers, and business partners, there is always a need to expand IT operations. The difficulties of offering IT service across every cloud location and responding to changing and sometimes demanding workloads have demonstrated the necessity for IT partnership and service. Travel and logistical challenges can make it difficult physically install or maintain IT infrastructure. The financial limitations make investing in long-term data centres and IT infrastructures difficult and unattractive. This is why IT service providers and technology have been able to meet the urgent requirement for sizing IT services.

Scaling IT operations requires businesses to embrace cloud computing and plan capacity. Capacity planning is crucial in addressing “what should I do ifs.” Capacity planning management allows you to evaluate different options and tradeoffs, assess alternatives, and justify the rationale behind tactical and strategic decisions throughout the application’s life cycle and the information.

Also, IT organizations can become more efficient by taking advantage of the cloud or software-as-a-service offerings and automating recurring IT processes, such as code deployments, configuration management, and quality testing. If IT procedures are automated, departments are better placed to keep pace with the expansion of enterprises and meet the growing demands for infrastructure.

Be prepared for the challenges of migration, change and modernization.

The only thing that is constant about IT. How you deal with these modifications is vital as they could affect performance, security, and risk — regardless of whether they concern regular day-to-day changes, system updates, modernization, and cloud-based migration.


According to a Gartner report, spending by end users on cloud services is predicted to exceed $500 billion by 2022 and $600 billion by 2023 across the globe. Additionally, Fortune Business Insights notes that one of the sectors that are expected to be a significant contributor to this expansion is the telecommunications industry and IT. Many companies are moving to cloud computing because it provides an incredibly flexible and reliable IT infrastructure to improve business processes. However, cloud computing can bring security, regulations and budgetary issues that must be evaluated and preventative measures addressed before adopting the latest technology.

Cloud-based businesses must secure their budgets to ensure continuous cloud usage and determine how to ensure that data is not exposed, stolen or exposed, even if it means not placing your information on the cloud. Businesses should also ensure they comply with global and local requirements.

Analysts think the use of the cloud will only increase since cloud technology already facilitates many of the latest technological developments, such as mobile banking and healthcare. As per Michael Warrilow, research vice president at Gartner, “Technology and service providers who fail to adjust to the speed of change in cloud technology are at risk of chance of becoming obsolete or at worst becoming relegated to lower-growth markets.”

With the advancement of technology and technological advances, organizations are more likely to use cloud technology in some form or another to enhance their organisations’ progress.

It is running IT is aligned with the requirements.

Businesses gain value through compliance. It prevents firms from causing chaos in their surroundings. For IT mainly, it reduces the costs of managing risk and decreases the amount of time it will require to address security breaches. Compliance gives transparency, converts risk assessments into corrective actions and an audit trail, and increases overall security.


But, despite its importance in the business world, it’s usually seen as a burden instead of an asset for companies, despite having crucial roles in controlling the company’s direction.

The IDC report, “Reset Today for What is Most Important -“Reset Today for the Things that Matter Most: Data Protection, Compliance, and Resilience,” shows that 20% of companies experience issues with compliance that could result in penalties. One of the most common mistakes the IT department makes is to believe that the preparation of IT audits is a single task that is only done yearly or once. Being prepared requires constantly keeping detailed records of the people who have interacted with IT assets and where they are located, where they reside, how they are connected and what they are used for.

Managing IT through compliance and streamlining and simplifying dynamic asset management must be a daily routine in a company. The leadership should invest in developing procedures, products, and individuals to gain insights and understand the complicated IT world. IT. Complying — not just using IT to help you can be a good foundation for reducing risk and understanding how to manage and protect the equipment and information.

Securing the premises.

IT departments are accountable for storing and safeguarding all data inside their organization across all departments, devices, and software. In addition to monitoring every device’s capabilities and managing updates to software, Many workplaces have IoT equipment that IT departments must track and keep track of to guard confidential and sensitive information about the organization. IT departments also train new hires, train existing employees, and upgrade old or damaged tech devices with every new technology or software upgrade.

To limit the risk, cybersecurity investment worldwide is projected to reach $1.75 trillion by 2021 through 2025. Companies must ensure that their valuable information about their business is protected from unauthorised access on greater scales as more workers remain at their homes using personal Wi-Fi or internet connectivity. This is not just affecting companies of all sizes. However, it also affects healthcare providers, government agencies, and educational institutions that depend on internet-based platforms.


Few businesses can stand the years without technology within their business models, whether by massive amounts of data on the cloud or using the social web to aid in marketing. The increasing threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches should not deter any company from embracing what’s to come in the next decade of IT. Instead, it should be a learning experience for investing.

Each tool used within IT must be evaluated, identified, budgeted, and designated to efficiently use resources. The mitigation of risks, like changes associated with cloud migration, could be a difficult task; however, it’s worth the cost. Your company’s future will be dependent on it.

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5 Future Technologies Shaping Today.



The world we live in is changing faster than we could imagine. In the past five years alone, we’ve witnessed significant technological leaps. Smartphones, multi-touch computers, tablets, mobile applications, cloud computing, and other methods of computing are not only becoming more basic but are also extremely accessible and affordable. The rapid growth of technological advancement is now an absolute must for all businesses to accept or fall to the sidelines. Without the increased efficiency and capabilities of this latest technology, your business will be unable to keep up.

Here are some of the latest technologies that are becoming extremely widespread throughout the world at present.

1. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), & Machine Learning

Robotics is an unpopular field in technological advancement, and artificial intelligence is perhaps the most thrilling component of it. Through Artificial Intelligence, scientists hope to attain an exact human-like cognitive process. But, at present, robotics isn’t close to getting there.

The ideal type of Artificial Intelligence would be a machine capable of human-like intellectual thought. They’ll be able to think independently and reason, learn through machine learning, speak an alphabet and perhaps feel! Google and Facebook are the only two giant corporations that have invested in robotics or artificial intelligence.

2. 3D Printing

There are endless possibilities with higher-end and more affordable 3D printers. It is possible to enter dimensions and other relevant information to print three-dimensional objects quickly and with an affordable budget.


A 3D printer could create digital prints in any shape of a solid object. The material could be anything, including metal, plastic or even food! You can print your food in just minutes, in any shape you need, layer by layer before cooking it to perfection. Print out parts for cars, drones, or even firearms. The 3D Printing sector has a lot of potentials and is likely to impact every aspect of the future of our lives. Shortly, perhaps it will be possible to have 3D printed homes!

3. Internet of Things

Internet of Things (or simply IoT) is the constantly growing online network comprised of the latest devices surrounding us. These devices can be integrated with sensors capable of collecting and exchanging information over the Internet. One common instance of IoT is the connection to the lighting in the room. When detecting a motion sensor, they can turn in and out whenever a person enters and exits the room. It could be utilized for security reasons or convenience, such as sending an email to you if the food you have on shelves or is expired in your fridge and automatically opening your car’s door when you are within. Amazon, Google, and Apple are only some of the major business giants who are pushing the IoT each day.

This is further aided by the growing popularity of VPN routers, which can secure IoT devices and prevent hacking of online accounts and data theft. With all the sophisticated technology available and everything linked to the Internet, securing private data is more essential and challenging than ever.

4. Wearable Technology

The rapid growth of wearable techs Wearable tech has seen an exponential increase in wearable devices like Google Glass, Apple Watch, the Apple Watch, and Fitbit (and like) devices, to mention some. Let’s consider Google Glass, for instance. Google Glass is an optical mounted display that resembles the shape of glasses. It has made navigation and a variety of other functions simpler. It is possible to navigate using GPS and take pictures while you walk or drive to your location. Additionally, you will receive continuous information about the area and the location whenever you interact with it. You can also see your feeds on social media, check your mail, and read your texts.

Although Google Glass hasn’t been a massive commercial success (yet there are speculations of a return in specific industries or markets that have vastly improved technology), The new Apple Watch / Samsung watches. A variety of other smartwatches, as well as metabolic trackers such as FitBit, will be around for the foreseeable future. Wearable technology will increase in popularity and become more advanced and affordable in the coming years.


5. Virtual Reality & Location-Based Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality is the future of gaming technology. As a gaming enthusiast myself, I find it amazing and captivating. The 3D headset from platforms such as Facebook’s Oculus Rift lets one feel like you’re playing a part in the game as it takes you into an imaginary world. Also, think about the extremely popular Pokemon Go app (based on the Ingress engine) that lets you catch pokemon within reality “real world”. It brings user engagement to a new level and connects the virtual world with the real. While there are a few virtual reality products on the marketplace, they will redefine the gaming industry’s future. It’s designed to create an era of change that lets players enjoy all the benefits of the 3D gaming experience in their homes.

The Future Of Tomorrow’s Tech Is Today

Technology’s future is here, and it’s already making waves across the globe. Please don’t get lost in confusion. It’s time to adopt the latest technology of today. The future is here with this latest technology! I am sure you will enjoy reading this post about the technology that will shape the business world of today and the latest technology you must adopt.

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